Scholarship recipient plans for career in service
Jeremy Sell

Like many college students, SFM Foundation scholarship recipient Jeremy Sell isn't exactly sure what he want to do when he graduates, but he does know he wants to work for an organization that serves others.

"I really care more about helping people, because I've had that done for me so many times," he said. "Helping others and being helped is what really marks you and even changes who you are."

Sell said he was especially grateful for help given to him and his family after his father died in an on-the-job injury at a construction site.

When he graduates next year, Sell's broad education should leave him well-prepared to help a diverse group of people.

He's a Latin American studies and business administration double-major at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. While in school, he's traveled to Mexico, Columbia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

With so many immigrants from those areas coming to the U.S., he sees an opportunity to get involved in helping improve their experience and opportunities, he said, either on an individual basis, or on a broader level by working toward change in government policies.

He's already had a chance to do this through a university organization called Blugold Beginnings, which aims to show first-generation and low-income students that college is possible. As a volunteer with the organization, he's gotten to know younger students by joining them for lunch, at recess or in the classroom.

That experience has given him a taste for serving others that he hopes will characterize his future career.

A strong college education is giving Sell the background he needs to serve others. Will you help another student like him get the education they need to give back to the community in a bigger way by donating to the SFM Foundation?

Published December 23, 2015.