Past scholarship recipient joins SFM Foundation board
Mikaela Willhite

SFM Foundation 2010 scholarship recipient Mikaela Willhite joined the SFM Foundation Board of Directors earlier this year.

Willhite graduated magna cum laude from St. Cloud State University in 2014, and now works as a registered nurse in the intensive care unit at St. Cloud Hospital.

The unit is especially important to Willhite because it's where her father was cared for before he died from injuries sustained in an on-the-job motor vehicle accident.

"I feel like everything has just come full circle," Willhite said. "It's comforting to help other families in the way we were helped."

As an SFM Foundation board member, one of Willhite's focus areas is helping get the word out about the scholarship to eligible students. Telling others about the Foundation had already been a passion of hers, even before she joined the board.

"It was just so helpful to me, I want to be sure others know the opportunity is available for them too," Willhite said.

Willhite said the scholarship allowed her to work less and focus on her schooling, which helped her get better grades and land an internship at the ICU at North Memorial Hospital. That internship helped prepare her for her current job at St. Cloud Hospital.

Looking back, Willhite said she's achieved everything she'd dreamed of when she started college and more, and she's glad to be able to help other students do the same.

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Published June 30, 2015.