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Lariah Boone’s story

“In 2008, my family was forever changed. As my dad was on his way to work, he got into a car accident that paralyzed him from the neck down. As a kindergartner, I didn’t know much about what was happening. Getting picked up from school and being told the news confused me. I didn’t understand how something could harm the strongest person in my life. Growing older, I searched for answers, but I never understood why this had to happen.

My family made some big adjustments. Everyday tasks like brushing teeth and eating were hard for my dad to do alone. We hired a PCA to assist him. It was weird to see the man I believed could do no wrong need so much help. I was frustrated he couldn’t do things other dads were doing. I wanted him to kick the soccer ball around the backyard with me, and get up early and to open Christmas presents. Growing up wasn’t easy, but my dad was still there to support me and be the best dad I could ask for. Even though he physically couldn’t do certain things, he always made up for it through his loving personality.

In 2014 my dad was hospitalized again, but this time not due to a car accident. He was being taken away from me. He had been doing well a day earlier, but now he lay unconscious in a hospital bed with little time left on earth. Even in sixth grade I didn’t understand, but I deep down knew what was happening. He passed away a few days later. My family experienced a lot of grief. Days were long and painful without him. I knew he was no longer in pain, but not seeing his smile hurt more than anything.

I now attend college at Missouri Southern State University. Everything I accomplish is for him and all he did to help me succeed and reach my goals. I hope to help people like those who helped me and my family through such a difficult time. I am also playing collegiate soccer. All the games when he cheered me on from the sideline paid off. I continue to play to make him proud. Knowing he’s watching me from above keeps me going through everything I face.

My mother is now a single parent raising two daughters on her own. Paying for college on top of all the other expenses is hard. The SFM Foundation scholarship has made a tremendous positive impact as I continue college. The support the Foundation has given me means more than words can explain. I would like to give a big thank you to everyone that gives their time and love to me and all the kids in similar situations to help us reach our dreams. Your support allows me to make my father proud, and I can’t thank you enough.”

~ Lariah Boone
2020 scholarship recipient

2020 SFM Foundation scholarship recipient Lariah Boone
Rylee O'Brien

“With my dad unable to work, we weren’t sure how we’d maintain our life, let alone pay for my education. With the help of my SFM Foundation scholarship, a huge weight was lifted from mine and my family’s shoulders. I can’t express how grateful I am to be given these funds, and this enormous opportunity. The scholarship pushes me to succeed and follow through with my goals more than ever. To everyone that contributes to the SFM Foundation, from the bottom of my and my family’s hearts, thank you.”

~ Rylee O’Brien
2020 scholarship recipient

Chase McInville

“With my dad out of work and my brother and sister both in college, my mom worked three jobs 60 hours a week to provide for my family. My family was struggling to get by. I want to thank the SFM Foundation and all of its donors for giving me hope when the world seemed like it was against me. The SFM Foundation was a light at the end of a very dark tunnel. It gave me the chance to achieve my dream and help others.”

~ Chase McInville
2019 scholarship recipient

Tori Anderson

“When it came time for college, the SFM Foundation completely supported my family. Knowing that someone cared about our future provided us with hope. For everyone at the SFM Foundation whether you’re a donor or a worker, I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, because you changed my entire family’s dynamic and entire family’s future. Thank you for your support and kindness.”

~ Tori Anderson
2019 scholarship recipient

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