SFM Foundation video contest

Submit a video and win a prize!

We invite SFM Foundation scholarship recipients to participate in our first ever video contest.

It’s an opportunity for you to tell your story, explain how your SFM Foundation scholarship positively impacted your family and ability to attend college, and thank those who helped make your scholarship possible. Win a prize just for entering!

Pay it forward by helping us spread the word about how important it is to support the SFM Foundation.



How to enter

1. Create a 1-2 minute video that includes the following:

  • Your story
  • Your current (or past) college name and major
  • How your scholarship has helped you and your family

2. Make sure your video is usable and shareable

Follow these guidelines to make sure your video is good quality and can be easily shared.

3. Upload your video by October 16

Send us your .mp4 or .mov video by uploading it to ShareFile here.

4. Sign a release form

You worked hard on your video, and we want to be able to share it with our generous supporters.

Download the form here

The prizes​

1st Place: $500 gift card

2nd Place: $250 gift card

What if you don’t win?
Receive a $100 gift card just for submitting a usable video.

Submission deadline

We extended the submission deadline to Friday, October 16, 2020. Take advantage of the extra time and get your video submitted for free cash. Remember, you receive a $100 gift card just for submitting!

Tips for creating usable entries

  • Be creative in telling your story. Explain the impact our scholarship truly made on you and your family.
  • Record in landscape mode (turn the camera on its side). Vertical (portrait) videos don’t play well on devices other than phones.
  • Use the rear camera if you’re shooting on your phone. It has better quality and higher resolution.
  • Keep your camera stable and focused. Consider using a tripod for best results.
  • Avoid zooming. It reduces the quality of the video.
  • Record in a well-lit area. Dark videos look grainy and are difficult to brighten.
  • Reduce or eliminate background noise so you have good audio (sound). Outdoor settings can be great for lighting, but difficult for noise.
  • Save videos in the correct file format. Make sure your video is saved in an .mp4 or .mov format.
  • View additional tips for creating great looking home videos.
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Questions and social media

If you have any questions or need help uploading your video, please contact SFM Foundation Executive Director Lindsay Henningsgaard at (952) 838-4431, or use our contact form to email us.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. You may just see your video featured on our page!